When someone reaches out for information, we are so happy to help them make the best decision for themselves. We know that navigating the unknown of an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. It can help to know what to expect when you come to We Care Pregnancy Clinic.

We have consulted with our wonderful Client Services Director to ask the questions that our clients want to know. Hopefully this will ease any hesitations you may have, and you will give us a call. Our compassionate Client Advocates will love to speak with you.

What can I expect when I come in?

You will be greeted by a client advocate who will take your photo ID and ask you to fill out some paperwork. While a nurse performs your pregnancy test, you will meet with a client advocate who will answer any questions you may have and offer some additional information regarding pregnancy and your choices. Your appointment will be 30-60 minutes depending on how many questions you might have or how much information you would like.

So you refer for abortions?

We Care does not provide or refer for abortion services. We will provide a free pregnancy test and a free ultrasound to anyone who medically qualifies along with medically accurate information regarding all information including: abortion, parenting, and adoption.

Do I need insurance?

Everything that We Care does is free and confidential. You do not need insurance to obtain any of our services. IF you have state insurance AND you happen to know your ID number, we may take that for STI testing, but it is not necessary and the testing is FREE either way.

What if I am considering abortion?  Am I welcome?

Yes! Everyone is welcome at We Care. You will receive the same FREE, non-judgemental services as anyone else.

What if I am a birth father? Am I welcome?

We Care welcomes and encourages birth father’s to be a part of the whole process from pregnancy test and education to ultrasound and even parenting classes if desired. 

What services are offered?

We offer a variety of services based on your individual needs. Pregnancy tests, options education, ultrasounds, limited STI testing and treatment, and parenting classes. We can also offer referrals for other community services.

Will I meet with different people?

Possibly. You will meet with a client advocate at first and possibly a nurse if you are requesting an ultrasound or STI testing. If you schedule an ultrasound for another day or parenting classes, you may meet with other advocates on those days. Once you are established in classes, you will meet with the same advocate on a regular basis.

How are things different due to Covid-19?

We have modified some things during this season to ensure the safety of our clients and  client advocates. We have implemented more sanitation measures before and after client appointments.  We have done our best to allow social distancing and will wear protective clothing and ask that clients wear masks as well. Our nurse will meet you at the door for your appointment to do the Covid screening. 

Due to social distancing precautions, we do welcome partners, but at this time we will not be  able to allow other guests at your appointment. 

We value your safety and want you to feel comfortable in every way. 

These are just a few questions our clients ask before arriving at our clinic. We are always more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Feel free to text us anytime with questions regarding our services and/or procedures. You are important to us. 

Text us at 815.780.9097 or visit our website at www.wecarepregancyclinic.org today.