If you recently found out you’re pregnant and you weren’t planning on this for your life right now, you may feel overwhelmed. You have a lot of decisions to make about next steps, and may be wondering what your options are.  For women who aren’t ready to parent but aren’t comfortable with the idea of abortion, adoption provides a way forward with hope. There are a number of factors to consider.  We are here to offer support to you no matter what you choose.  We have adoption information and resources available if you find that is the right decision for you.

Who Should Consider Adoption?

Adoption is a great option for women who don’t feel ready to parent. Depending on the kind of adoption you choose, you can still have a relationship with the child after placement. Or, if you want to close this chapter of your life and move on, you can do that, too.

What Is the Adoption Process Like in Illinois?

The state of Illinois outlines various rights and responsibilities of the birth mother to protect her interests. You can read the full list here, but in general, you will:

  • Work with an adoption agency
  • Request an attorney to represent you at no cost to you
  • Request help with reasonable pregnancy expenses

The adoption agency you choose can help you select the adoptive family and adoption plan that most aligns with your desires and wishes. The agency will guide you through the entire adoption process, ensuring that you’re comfortable with each decision you make along the way.

In the state of Illinois, the earliest point at which you can relinquish your parental rights is 72 hours after birth. 

The adoption is not final until you sign the Final and Irrevocable Surrender or Consent for the Purposes of Adoption paperwork. You can change your mind or request more time to consider your decision post-birth up until you sign the paperwork handing over your parental rights.

What Kind of Adoption Is Right For Me?

As you consider adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, you have three options: Open adoption, closed adoption, or semi-open adoption. Each has pros and cons and each person will need to decide which plan is best for them.  Additional adoption information is available to you at our clinic if you would like to discuss them with your Client Advocate.

Your Adoption is Your Choice

Ultimately, your rights as the birth mother trump all other parties when it comes to the adoption process. You are free to change your mind, switch directions, and work with the agency and attorneys of your choice to come up with the best plan for you and your future.

If you have questions or need referrals to agencies in our area, we are happy to help. Please contact us to learn more today.